Our Team

Take a moment to meet the owners of Modern Bath and Spas . Find out how they became a part of the industry and why they chose Jacuzzi®  as their product.

Our industry leading product is also backed by a promise from Modern Bath and Spas to also be the industry leader in servicing what we sell. Some of our services include:

Hydrotherapy has been proven to increase physical wellness and mental awareness. Hot tubbing is also a great way to entertain family and friends. Hot tub owners can also enjoy increased market value in their homes. 

  • Jacuzzi® brand Hot Tub Sales
  • Softub brand Hot Tub Rentals
  • Deliveries and Installations
  • Water Balancing
  • Maintenance and Repairs

Modern Bath and Spas     Jacuzzi® of St. John's, NL

Why buy a Jacuzzi®?

Crystal clear water has never been so easy...and safe!

Jacuzzi®'s exlcusive ClearRay technology is low maintenance that actually works

with your tub's vital interior plumbing system.....not against it!

ClearRay is exclusive to Jacuzzi® brand hot tubs and is used in other industries to:

  • purify drinking water for bottling
  • treat raw sewage for water recycling
  • sterilize hospital tools and equipment 

ClearRay is factory installed on all Jacuzzi models!

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At Modern Bath and Spas we make sure that our hot tubs come with all the options and extras that you want installed into your personalized hot tub. Some of the options that can be included in your Jacuzzi® hot tub include the following:

BLUEWAVE Spa Stereo System

with Bluetooth®


  • It streams audio from up to 30 ft.
  • USB power allows you to direct-connect and charge while you listen.
  • Docking compartment features a marine-rated seal to keep moisture out.
  • AUX input lets you plug in from other devices.
  • J-400 hot tubs have JBL® speakers plus subwoofer; J-300™ Collection features marine-grade speakers and subwoofer; and J-200™ hot tubs include marine-grade speakers.
  • Apple USB cable is included.


Filtration System


A simple, yet quite advanced filtration process helps to maintain water quality and purity using fewer chemicals and less maintenance than other spas. The ProClarity filtration system uses two stage filtration by introducing new technology and blending it with the proven technology of Reemay®. Stage one is the Reemay® pleated filter that removes large debris from your spa water as it is filtered and pulled into the new ProClarity canister. Inside that canister is the second stage, a depth load filter that removes the smallest particles under pressure from the circulation pump and then returns it to your spa, polished. The dense depth load filter canister is easier to use as it is simply replaced and never needs cleaning. The long lasting pleated filter should last about 18 months before needing replacement. This two stage filtration gives you the best of blended technology, both old and new. 

Stainless Steel Jet covers,

Waterfall, and Pillows


The PowerPro® jets featured in Jacuzzi® brand hot tubs are based on the design of the first Jacuzzi® jet created over 50 years ago. That jet was the predecessor of today's PowerPro® MX2, which delivers a 50/50 air-to-water mix that massages deeply and gently at the same time.